The Radioman of Cosmos Era

Written by on 15th February 2024

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 The Radioman of Cosmos Era

by Alexander Bugaev (Author), Andrey Kushnarev (Author), Ellen Alexander (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition


A trainee from the military academy, Nikolai Ivanovich Bugaev, once a front-line officer with battle scars, finds himself unexpectedly chosen for specialized training in the radio control of celestial bodies. This unexpected twist places him at the forefront of his nation’s scientific and technological advancements during the dawn of the space age. As readers, we journey through the vividly depicted chapters of Soviet space exploration history, awed by the feats of bravery, and touched by the poignant losses.


Destiny intertwines Nikolai’s path with those of the primary spacecraft designers, gifting him the chance to meet legendary cosmonauts such as Yuri Gagarin, German Titov, and Valentina Tereshkova, among other pioneers of global space exploration. Although Nikolai dreams of lunar travel, he finds his purpose in teaching a radio-controlled planetary vehicle to traverse the moon’s landscape.


This book is a captivating read for anyone with an interest in the historical journey of science and technology.



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