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Tony Hernandez is a Singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist. His music inspiration began during his grammar school years in Roosevelt School in Union City New Jersey, where he participated in the school glee club took drum lessons. During that time, he had the opportunity to sing in with the Glee Club in Avery Fischer Hall, Lincoln Center during the annual Christmas show directed by Maestro Sherman. The glee club teacher was Ms. Brown which was very involved in the Arts. By the age of 11 in Union City New Jersey he became so inspired by music that he joined a rock group that played cover songs by Peter Frampton, Black Sabath, Led Zepplin, Rush, and many other. Then he became involved with a local band called the Rigos, a family teenage group which played popular American and Latin songs where Tony Hernandez even performed at the State Prison during the Christmas celebration. While having the opportunity and inspiration of playing different genres, Rock Music particularly inspired him. During this time period began learning jazz guitar from Mr. Timothy Cafaro who was in college and was taking guitar lessons from the renowned guitarist Pat Martino. Simultaneously while learning jazz Guitar lessons, he participated in a local group city sponsored group learning folk guitar from Bob Carino. After living for several years in Union City Tony Hernandez moved to Miami, Florida in 1978 and continued to learn music at Miami Senior High School. There he had the opportunity to perform with the school guitar ensemble group at the University of Miami in a televised performance. Upon graduation Tony attended Miami Dade Community College for two years and then attended the University of Miami while studying business administration and simultaneously taking classical guitar lessons from Rene Gonzalez, PhD, Associate Professor (Classical Guitar), who received B.M., M.M., and D.M.A. degrees from the University of Miami. While taking classical guitar lessons from Dr. Rene Gonzalez Tony began writing songs. In 1998 he began taking singing lessons from Mr. Jesus Garcia Ruspoli, PhD. While taking singing lessons he began learning how to record and began using the new digital recording technology to lay down song tracks in his home studio located in his house in Miami Beach.



January 1, 1999, he produced and published the first Latin music LP CD titled “Amor Eterno”. The CD was mixed by Mr. Rojelio and mastered at the former Sigma studio in Hialeah where during that time Juan Gabriel and Jose Jose were working on the new Jose Jose project. Tony Hernandez began performing in Miami, Florida throughout different events, television shows, and festivals. Soon after he produced and recorded his new single on August 1, 2001 “Casa de La Bruja”/” The Which’s House.” This CD involved great teamwork with Alexis Ortega, Manuel Trujillo, Edwin Bonilla, Fernando Ledon, Juan Carlos Ledon, Eddie Salvador, Yanelis Cortez, and other great musicians. The CD was mixed by recording Engineer Charles Dye and mastered at Fuller Sound.

September 1, 2011, Tony Hernandez produced and recorded “Fiesta Caribeña” LP CD for which the CD was nominated for a Latin Grammy. This CD was another great collaboration among top musicians Alexis Ortega, Manuel Trujillo, Edwin Bonilla, and others. The CD was mixed by Pete Masitti and mastered by Fuller Sound. Following this CD Tony Hernandez began recording a rock music LP CD titled: “Rock is Here to Stay” where Tony Hernandez played rhythm guitar and lead guitar on all songs except “We Are One” where Manuel Trujillo d played the guitar. The drummer in Rock Is Here to Stay is Lee Levin. In 2013 Tony Hernandez performed in a show at the Manuel Artimes Theater in Miami with Alvaro Torres and Alejandro Jaen provided by FIMLA with Jose Nanni as the main host. Tony Hernandez has since written more songs and recently published and produced “I Need an Angel” CD/Single during the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently he published the new single: Jamaica with instrumental performances by Alexis Ortega, Tony Hernandez, Pete Masitti, mixed by Pete Masitti and mastered in Nashville Tennessee. Currently he is working on recording and publishing more songs.

June 26, 2016, Released South Beach Single. Tony Hernandez (Vocals), Rene Toledo (Guitar), Manuel Trujillo (Guitar), Edwin Bonilla (Percussion), Bass (), Alexis Ortega (Percussion), Pete Masitti (Mixing), Fuller Sound (Mastering)

On January 20, 2023, Released the new single Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness with Andy Barrow (Guitar and Bass), Carlos Magno Araya (Drums), Pete Masitti Keyboards and Background Vocals, Tony Hernandez (Vocals and Guitar). Mixed by Pete Masitti.

On June 23, 2023, Released Ode to Key Largo (single) with Alex Garcia (Guitars), Carlomagno Array (Drums, bongos, and congas), Tony Hernandez (Lead Vocals), Pete Masitti (Keyboard), Mixed and Produced by Pete Masitti, coproduced by: Tony Hernandez, Mastered at Nashville Tennessee.

December 27, 2023, Released What Are They Gonna Say? Single. Tony Hernandez (Guitars, Bass, Drums, and Vocals), Pete Masitti (Arrangement and Mixing at West End Studios), Mastered at (Nashville Tennessee), Produced by Tony Hernandez and coproduced by Pete Masitti.

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