Unlikely Righteousness

Written by on 28th February 2024

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🌟 Discover Hidden Heroes of the Old Testament: Unlikely Righteousness Unveiled! 📚✨

with Tina Kowalski

Embark on a captivating journey through the pages of “Unlikely Righteousness” by Tina Kowalski, and uncover the extraordinary lives of the Old Testament’s most fascinating figures. From Cain to Hagar and Laban to Abimelech, dive deep into the stories of individuals who have long been overshadowed by more prominent names, yet whose lives are filled with lessons of resilience, faith, and unexpected virtue. 🌈

Learn Life Lessons from the Unlikely Heroes of Faith 🙏

“Unlikely Righteousness” brings to light the untold tales of those who faced immense challenges yet emerged triumphant, teaching us that greatness can come from the most surprising places. These stories are not just ancient history; they are vibrant narratives that continue to inspire and guide us in overcoming our own ‘large problems.’ 🚀

Be Inspired by the Hidden Gems of the Old Testament 💎

Tina Kowalski masterfully retells these stories, giving us a fresh perspective on the timeless teachings of the Old Testament. Whether you’re a long-time student of scripture or new to its wonders, “Unlikely Righteousness” offers a treasure trove of wisdom, courage, and inspiration, proving that anyone can rise above adversity and inspire others. 🌟

Don’t miss this chance to discover the hidden heroes of the Old Testament and the powerful lessons they have for our lives today. Unlock the secrets of “Unlikely Righteousness” and let these ancient figures inspire your modern journey. 📖

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Unlikely Righteousness Kindle Edition

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Local Authors Fair

Branch: Main Branch
Location: North Wing
Date: Saturday, March 23, 2024
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
The goals are to inspire people to take up writing as either a hobby or a profession, allow local authors to promote themselves and their work, and raise money for the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. All participating authors have been encouraged to donate a portion of their proceeds to BBBS who will also have a table at the event.

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