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As a music lover, this is your chance to have your say and vote for your favourite song and favourite decade with the UK Talk Radio music chart. By selecting from the weekly choices on our website, click on the number of the song you would like to relive and watch the video of the moment.

Amazing Decades

Have a think of about your preference of music such as funk, dance, pop, rock depending on the era. For ‘70s music it could be the tartan teen idols that were the Scottish group The Bay City Rollers, whom some said would become bigger than The Beatles. They had the biggest seller of the mid ‘70s with the cover of “Bye Bye Baby”. In complete contrast was the heavy metal music of Led Zeppelin, who has gone multiplatinum with their many albums and their most famous song “Stairway To Heaven”.
When it comes to ‘80s music there are so many artists we can think of. Bananarama were the biggest selling female group of the decade with their latter chart hits being written by the very successful Stock, Aitken and Waterman. ‘80s music also brought us millions of screaming Brosettes. A band who asked us “When Will I Be Famous?” soon got their wish with their catchy pop songs.

In ‘90s music it was the battle of the sexes with two massive Northern bands vying for the top spot. The boy band Take That had the girls fainting at their concerts whilst selling 28 Top 40 singles of their pop and love songs whilst with The Spice Girls it was all about ‘Girl Power’. The best selling female group in history proved with their debut single they would not be “Wannabe”’s for long !

As far as 2000s music is concerned Adele has made a tremendous impact on this decade as a songwriter. For proof of this just listen to albums 18 or 21. In the other extremes, there have been amazing bands such as The Kaiser Chiefs. Songs such as “I Predict a Riot” and “Ruby” are fun pop that we have all sung along to on music radio.

How to Vote

You decide which is your favourite decade, select your preferred song from the list and vote by clicking on the green arrow to influence the chart. You get only one vote per week so make sure your vote counts. You have until Saturday to vote, then make sure you listen on Sunday at 6pm in order to enjoy the music you have chosen and hear this week’s winner in the decade chart. Make sure you have your say.

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