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Written by on 11th April 2022

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Unity With Ow la la on YouTube


Unity follow up ‘Everyday’ their top ten smash from the UK Talk Radio Hot 60 with Ow La La


About The Song Everyday

Graham told UK Talk Radio “I woke up with the melody in my Most of the songs seem to start out that way.
My main rule for writing a song it most have a melody and an ending.

My wife says you should write something about a place. I was thinking about New York, kind then just started to do put the lyrics down.
Took about 15 to write the song

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The Artist

Born in the UK. Graham is heavy influenced by the Beatles and Everly brothers.
Just wanted to to write songs and get them recorded to a reasonable level in the hope that they finally reached a wider audience. Played bass and vocals in a band in my teens and early 20s. I wrote my first song after losing my daughter, who died of cancer in 2009 age 26. It was not until about 2 years ago, I decided to learn to play the guitar in order to be able to play the song. I have written about a dozen songs since then. To date I’ve had 3 songs have been produced and recorded. My love, Everyday and Ow la la. Everyday and Ow la la are currently playing on UK Talk & Awesome Music Radio! All can be found in Spotify
Its never too late to give it ago



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