The Must Visit Holiday Location Is Uganda!

Written by on 12th May 2021

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Uganda Is Your Next Holiday Destination!


When you see the video that accompanies the song, MaMa Africa Uganda you’ll see why. This awesome video features the music of Ruffy daz [] , Reazla, Laura Atyang , Lanisha Jovia, Molly Brown , Rachael Waiz  and Big Mo…..

UK Talk Radio’s very own Jonathan Hines gives his review of this colourful, lush and uplifting video of ‘MaMa Africa, Uganda’. ….

”What particularly struck me is the euphoria and natural beauty of this video, with the lake, the stunning greenery and the dancers wearing leaves as costume…..What an original touch !

The fashion and dress sense is also really impressive in it’s sheer variety and I like the way They emphasise how many incredible sites there are to see for visitors to Africa , and in particular Uganda of course !…….Almost too many to cover in a short video.

The rapping towards the end is a nice touch too, along with the broad variety of artists included in this big musical collaboration. ”


Don’t just take Our word for it, check out the video :


Ian explains more about this in The Big Radio Interview with Geoff Carter !


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Discover More About MaMa Africa [Uganda] RuffyDaz [feat.ALL STARS]

Mama Africa [Uganda] is a song originally based on the true African Culture and Beauty.

It’s also based on a realistic tourism approach to Uganda as the Pearl of Africa showcasing the beautiful nature and it’s happy people.

It’s a song that brought together artists across all corners of Uganda.


Artists on this song Include:

Ruffy daz []


Laura Atyang

Lanisha Jovia

Molly Brown

Rachael Waiz

Big Mo



This was funded by K.I. Media World and Brand Uganda UK.

Both these International brands are geared towards promoting Africa/Nature.


We therefore would love to share with you this Master Piece of Art.

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K.I.Media Productions has released a new single ’MaMa Africa [Uganda]’ – RuffyDaz  [feat.ALL STARS]’.

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