Understanding Autism With Adesole Tovin Adesokan

Written by on 12th May 2021

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Understanding Autism.

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Sailing on a Rainbow – A Colourful Journey with Autism By Adesola Toyin Adesokan

Parents are often overwhelmed by a sense of loss and sadness when diagnosis shows that their child has autism. The reality of this diagnosis is the start of an engaging journey. Unlike many other journeys, however, this journey of having a child with autism is full of twists and turns.

In Sailing on a Rainbow, a mother tells an insightful story about her son – Ade, growing up with autism. She shares some of Ade’s struggles, how he found words again, his academic challenges, the discovery of his latent gifts and passions as well as hopes for his future. Through every step of this journey with Ade, the mother’s love and faith became wind to the sails.

Though written from a mother’s perspective, each chapter of this book ends with lessons learnt. These lessons are full of practical strategies and suggestions to encourage and empower entire families, circle of friends, and caregivers in coming to terms with and managing the challenges of being around a child diagnosed with autism.

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