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Written by on 16th May 2020

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Jane Milton, leading a team of Food Industry Specialists. Jane has built a business working with producers, innovators and retailers helping them develop ideas and bring them to market cost effectively, expediently and successfully. With over 30 years expertise in the food industry and a proven track record for helping food businesses achieve great results, Jane and her colleagues are always in demand to identify strategies and bring them to fruition within the food industry.

The company works on a project basis or as retained advisers to a number of clients, working in this way allows them to tailor make teams to work on specific projects, streamlining costs and ensuring the specialist team required is assembled for that project. We are happy to discuss your project with you and provide you with an outline and quotation of the work you need carried out.


Jane Milton began the business in 1996, and a lot has changed in the way that business is carried out since then. However one thing will never change, we are focused on our customers and providing them with expertise in a personalised and cost effective manner to help them grow.


Our reputation for innovation and exceptional quality means we have attracted an incredible team – many of them are recognised leaders in their sphere of the food industry.


We have worked with hundreds of businesses, each very individual and that’s how we will treat you too….no one size fits all approach but tailor made solutions for every job with team members hand picked for the skills they will bring individually and collectively to the job. Whatever you want to tackle we are confident we know the right blend of people and skills to help you maximise your success.

“Jane has a great reputation in food arena. She adds significantly to this subject and creates opportunities for businesses. Her expertise, enthusiasm and energy add real worth to any project.”

Sir Eric Peacock


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