Operation Absolom (Carter's Commandos Book 1)  by Robert Cubitt 

Written by on 21st February 2022

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Operation Absolom (Carter’s Commandos Book 1) 



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There’s an old saying in the Army, ‘Never volunteer for anything’. It has been said many times, so why on Earth did Steven Carter ignore it?After volunteering for the Army Commandos, Carter finds himself cut off in enemy occupied Norway. It’s winter, it’s cold and the enemy are hunting for him. Can he survive against all these odds? Even if the Germans don’t capture him, can he find a way back to England?This novel is based on several true life events. It is based on the experiences of real people; real heroes.

If you want to read about people who would sacrifice themselves so that others can sleep safe at night, Operation Absolom, the first book in the Carter’s Commandos series, is just the one for you.


Operation Absolom



Meet Author Robert Cubitt

Bob was born in Edinburgh in December 1951. His father was a professional soldier and the first few years of Bob’s life was spent travelling around the world with his family. During his first 15 years he lived in Edinburgh, Austria, Malaya, Enfield, Leigh-on-Sea, Maldon (the Essex one), Harlow and Peckham.

In 1968 Bob Joined the Royal Air Force as an apprentice electronics technician and spent the next 23 years travelling the world and enjoying all that service life had to offer. Places visited included Oman (a small island by the name of Masirah), Cyprus, Malta, Holland, Germany and various parts of the UK. During this time he met and married Bernadette and produced three children, Ewan, Tara and Sinead. He retired from the RAF in 1991.

Following on from this Bob took up new employment with Royal Mail as part of their logistics team and stayed with them until 2009. After that he returned to his roots and took up a position with the Ministry of Defence at their logistics facility at Bicester, Oxfordshire, before leaving to take up full time writing 2012.

Bob has always been keen on writing and had tried his hand at various projects over the years, but the need to earn a crust had always interfered with his desire to be more creative. Over the past ten years Bob has produced a considerab;e body of work, including a 9 book sci-fi series under the collective title of “The Magi”. He has just published the 5th book of a World War II series set around the Army Commandos (predecessors of the Royal Marine Commandos) under the series title of “Carter’s Commandos”.

His work is published by Selfishgenie Publishing.

In his spare time Bob enjoys playing golf, is a member of a pub skittles team and is an avid supportero of Northampton Saints rugby team

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