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Written by on 23rd March 2022

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As A self proclaimed Singer song writer. I started off with limited technology and I strived to get better along the way. my First time published an album I was walking along the road and I took pictures were ever I went. One day I was on the sidewalk this girl that wrote in chalk messages this was during Covid. She left on the sidewalk this is were I got my Mojo. You are Loved anyway last October was my album Fathers Love In the Past I’ve recorded on Facebook since 2011 I think And I’ve been recording ever since.


Hi my Name is Peter Fterniatis I’m the Artist known as Purity of Heart. I am a Up and Coming Christian Artist I’ve Published 2 Album’s and I’m working on the Third I am a Christian. I Believe Jesus is Coming soon. It has always been a goal to Write Encouraging Christian Music in a more Biblical way. Audacity is something that is very Important to me. Holiness is Important as a light in a dark world. I’ve been In a Process of Inner Healing I’ve been though Dark times of my Life, I have suffered but God has brought me though and I have been restored. I been though hard times, and I Suffered through Depression and I can tell you I’m in a Better place then I have in a lifetime. I want to be an advocate for suicide prevention.

The Music Of Purity Of Heart




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