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Written by on 23rd March 2022

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The Fan Page For Last Song Bea

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About Last Song Bea

The band has its roots from the 90’s alternative music scene in Manila. Heavily influenced by the community, culture, and sounds of that era, they have evolved into a combination of every genre that each of the members experienced along the way and perform music that speaks to the audience.

​The band hopes that their no-template approach to anything can produce a signature style that will reflect in their melodies and compositions.

​This Indie Rock Band will not take itself seriously, but will work hard to service the purpose their friendship evolved into and hoping to gain recognition along the way.

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The head of music at said that he loved the new single ‘Inside’ from ‘Last Song Bea’ with it’s extremely melodic and touching rock production that meanders under a strong and emotional vocal and strings that sound classic and memorable, it’s a driving song with strong emotion and sentiment. The single is on the daily playlist and will be played daily 2-3 times + as a daily powerplay at approx 9:30 PM UK time for a month.

Fast-emerging indie band Last Song Bea marks a radical departure from its ‘Manila sound’ peg—a nifty tag that best describes the feel-good and lighthearted vibe prevalent in its previous releases.

Dark, brooding and melancholic, ‘Inside’ aptly captures the pain and anguish of heartbreak with its cryptic lyrics and chugging tempo. It’s a sonic landscape reminiscent of the New Wave bands of yore, with a dash of country rock thrown in for good measure.

Contrapuntal accents of violin and cello add an even more ambient layer, weaving in and out of the sparse mix, cueing in the foreboding melancholy.

Beyond the tragic pathos, however, the song’s subtle underpinnings reveal a cathartic triumph–a much-needed respite and closure just like the proverbial calm after the storm.

Last Song Bea frontman Richard Parcia explains further, “I think there’s a different side to any occasion. A lot of times, we keep those emotions buried because it’s a burden. However, it can also be therapeutic to revisit the process because it can be a form of rationalization for closure, In some cultures, some folks talk about the happy times after a burial. It’s how a family or even a community copes. So, why can’t we do the same in reverse? We all experience grief for different reasons. Perhaps, by conjuring it through an art form, we can heal and find reason to celebrate life overall, or just by being alive.”

“inside” by Last Song Bea is available in all major streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YT Music, and Deezer.

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