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Simon and The Morphic Field

by Geromin Reyes

   In a time when the universe teetered on the edge of annihilation, the Gods and creators united to forge a desperate plan. They decided to harness seven energies or character codes and bestow them upon chosen humans who held the key to saving everything. Later, in the tribe of Shomos, a boy named Simon is born. He is blessed by the Gods and is the child prophesied to save his people from the tyranny of the Napiens, who captured the land and made slaves of his people. With the weight of his tribe’s liberation resting on his shoulders, Simon embarks on a breathtaking quest filled with romance, bravery, and boundless adventure that will leave readers spellbound. Will he save his people from the clutches of the Napiens? Will he help save the universe? Will he be able to manage Kharak & Ter and Dark & Dess, the soul masters who are in charge of guiding him to discover his character code? The answers lie within the captivating pages of this epic adventure. ‘Simon and The Morphic Field’ is book 1 of a seven-part series that shows the reader the power of self-discovery and confidence in one’s abilities. It displays how the ego can hijack and cause the downfall of even the greatest of beings. These books are not only a story, but they are also a means of self-reflection that makes you ask yourself questions like: Did I create chaos or meaning? Did I let old beliefs or my consciousness guide me? And what comes out of me, ego or character? These books inspire new generations to know their inner self to recognize and unleash their innate superpowers. Every book reveals a character code of 7, which readers can debate on and ponder as the book progresses, keeping the readers at the edge of their seats, wondering what the fate of the universe will be.

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Geromin Reyes

About the Author

Hello there, I’m Geromin Reyes, and I’d like to share a bit about myself and what motivates me. My life philosophy is simple yet profound: “Life Is A Daily Inner Adventure.” I believe that the most significant experiences are found within the inner landscapes of our thoughts, emotions, and personal growth, and this belief guides my journey.

My mission is to be a Soul Messenger for the parents of the upcoming generation. I envision a world where new generations grow up understanding their superhuman powers, recognize their potential, and embrace their unique abilities.

Pursuing this vision, I aspire to leave a legacy to humanity through stories that bridge enjoyment and soulful companionship. Additionally, I’m committed to establishing a Philanthropy School where individuals can learn the power of giving and making a positive impact on the world.

I’m living the life I envisioned four decades ago. It includes a beautiful family: I’m married to a brilliant and beautiful woman, and we are blessed with a highly talented and charismatic son. Professionally, I’m an engineer leading a manufacturing facility for a world-class corporation. I call the USA my home, and I take pride in being a book author, sharing my stories and experiences with the world. As part of my social contribution, I serve as a speaker for local universities, sharing my insights and experiences with young minds. I’m also a Character Coach, working with future and early career professionals, particularly university graduates, to help them discover their inner strength and navigate their path in life.

My journey began in a humble town in the heart of Mexico, where I didn’t have much to see or do. There, I honed my skills in listening to stories and weaving dreams. The tales of my grandfather, a gifted inventor, and other family members who achieved success through hard work and determination inspired me. At the tender age of six, I decided to script the story of my life. I envisioned becoming an engineer, leading a factory, living in the USA, and having a beautiful wife and a handsome son.

This future vision also included the dream of sharing my story with the world. I hoped that by sharing my journey and the obstacles I overcame, I could inspire new generations to follow their dreams and find their path in life.

However, I faced a personal challenge early on. I wasn’t naturally gifted in communication and self-expression, but I admired those who were. This obstacle became my motivation. I might have been the kid who spoke fewer than 20 words a day, but I was consistently engaged in activities related to personal expression. I participated in school festivals, recited poetry, and, even at a young age, began selling magazines and created my own movie theater business.

My life is a testament to the power of perseverance, personal growth, and the ability to transform obstacles into opportunities. I’m excited to share my experiences and journey with the world, hoping my story can inspire others to discover their inner strength and pursue their dreams, just as I have followed mine. Join me on this inspiring adventure, and let’s explore the boundless potential that each day offers.



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