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Written by on 28th April 2022

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The Fan Page For Awesome singer Grace de Gier


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Grace spoke to UK Talk Radio. We asked her to explain more about the awesome new single ‘And Now’

I wrote this song with a good catchy tune in mind. I was actually sleeping and in the early hours of the morning at 3am that rhythm came into my mind, I wanted to do something different and I liked it a lot, I am a Colombian Rock and Pop singer, my audience is European and American, so they wanted something in English.

For our listeners please explain about the process of how you write and create ideas for a song.

With the production in Colombia and with the direction of Edgar Grimaldos, a great musician with very good ideas, we made it sound like you know and now. I propose something and he developed a good idea.

If you could only listen to One artist and one song what would it be and why

I really love Read my mind from the Killers. Is my favorite song.

Every time I listen to it I feel very good and I am happy that great music still exists.

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