BG 408 with G.T.F.O of Ukraine

Written by on 28th April 2022

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BG 408 with G.T.F.O of Ukraine

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The Big Radio Interview

BG 408 explains to Breakfast show DJ Geoff Carter from UK Talk Radio his feelings on the invasion of Ukraine


Project Motivation : When I saw the images of the war in Ukraine,I realized what this could quickly spin out of control and engulf the entire world. Then I asked myself, “How would I feel if were a Ukrainian soldier who, just the week before was working in tech? And now circumstance beyond my control thrust me into the frontlines of a war that is destroying all that I know and love? “Honestly, I was F**king pissed and all I could think of was screaming tell my lungs bleed. G.T.F.O of Ukraine.


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