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The Magic Parachute By Andy Slade

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Robbie MacKenzie is a shy and kind-hearted boy who lives on a remote island in the Outer Hebrides. He dreams of flying like the seabirds that soar over the island of St. Margaret. One day, his life changes when a storm brings an injured albatross to his doorstep. Robbie and his mother Joanna nurse the bird back to health. His name is Alfonso. Robbie and Alfonso form a special bond and become inseparable friends


An evil widow named Fiona Tornleaf, plots against the MacKenzie family because she thinks they’re going to change the old ways of the island. She dabbles in the black arts and causes misfortune whenever and wherever she pleases.

But Robbie’s world is shattered when his father, a pilot, goes missing in a plane crash. The only thing that the rescue team finds is his father’s parachute, which they bring back to the MacKenzie home. To Robbie’s surprise, the parachute seems to have a mind of its own and responds to his touch. Soon, Robbie discovers that the parachute can lift him up in the air and take him on amazing journeys across the sky.

Together with Alfonso, Robbie embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, hoping to find his father and learn the secrets of the sky. But he also faces dangers and challenges along the way, as he encounters storms, pirates, and mysterious islands. Will Robbie be able to fulfill his dream of flying and reunite with his father? Find out in this thrilling and heartwarming story of friendship, courage, and wonder.


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