Here Be Jinn

Written by on 15th March 2024

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Here Be Jinn

by Dennis Tsarson


Unearthed Mysteries: The Ancient Magic of Iraq

Discovering the Unknown: Adventure and Arcana in War-Torn Lands

In the heart of war-ravaged Iraq, an unexpected adventure unfolds, revealing secrets that have lain dormant for centuries. “Here Be Jinn” is a gripping narrative that intertwines the fates of two men, Elliott Gildart and Neil Feaver, as they encounter the mystical and the unexplainable in the deserts of Iraq.

Elliott Gildart, seeking a reprieve from his tedious occupation, joins an archaeological expedition in northern Iraq’s arid expanses. The team’s discovery of a peculiar, misplaced megalithic structure quickly transforms their scholarly pursuit into a hazardous journey, thrusting Elliott into a realm of ancient magic and uncharted futures.

Parallelly, Neil Feaver, alongside his cameraman Jake Parvis, delves into the complexities of Iraq’s civil conflict through their documentary filmmaking. Their routine assignment takes a dramatic turn with the intervention of a mysterious savior, leading them into a world where forgotten magic and arcane relics are perilously misused. Saved from certain peril, they are introduced to the realm of lost enchantments and the shadowy presence of artifacts of immense power.

Caught in a web of intrigue that spans the Ancient Near East’s mystical legacies, these individuals find themselves in the midst of a crisis involving coalition forces, Islamist militants, and shadowy groups whose origins trace back to antiquity. With the resurgence of ancient forces, the question arises: Can Elliott, Neil, and their companions avert the looming disaster? Or will the reawakened magic be enough to alter the course of history?

Here Be Jinn


Here Be Jinn rated high by UK Talk Radio. Dennis Tsarson masterfully crafts a tale of adventure, peril, and the enduring allure of ancient mysteries, inviting readers on a journey to discover what lies beyond the veil of the seen and the known.

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