The Truth Is Beyond Belief!

Written by on 30th May 2024

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The Truth Is Beyond Belief!

Are you trying to become more self-aware? Do you want to learn more about yourself and discover your values, beliefs, or preferences? If so, my book, “The Truth Is Beyond Belief!”, will provide practical and applicable thoughts, advice, and more surprising solutions that will help shift your perceptions of yourself and the world around you. It provides some great quotes about embracing life’s process over perfection. Each chapter serves as a guiding beacon, reminding us to celebrate our growth and embrace imperfection. Each quote, like a ray of light, illuminates the path to self-acceptance and continuous improvement. Let these words of wisdom ignite a fire within you, empowering us to chase our dreams, seek our truth, and make a difference in the world.

“Cling tightly to the Miracle that YOU ARE!”

“Reality is perfect. It is only our thoughts about its imperfection (our fantasies) that prevents us from continually seeing this”

“In fact, all tragedy is but the result of our personal definitions”

“If you have an unloving relationship with someone it is not really the other person’s fault. You may not be able to keep the other from not loving you, but you can keep yourself from not loving them”

These quotes suggest that changing one’s mindset is crucial for transformation. It emphasizes that those who are unwilling or unable to adapt their perspective will struggle to bring meaningful change to any aspect of life. To achieve progress, we must be open to new ideas, adapt to change, challenge our existing beliefs, and be ready to embrace change as a catalyst for self -love and growth.

I am seeking a representation of my book, The Truth Is Beyond Belief.  This book is a good fit for your list, embarking on a literary filled with wisdom, and examples in balanced proportion that will help you   integrate into daily life and identity.

As a published author, I have studied under some great teachers, and have spent many years studying the great teachings. I have spent most of my life in the field of Engineering which has provided the opportunity to better understand the amazing perfection of the physical world. I challenge you to take a copy of this book – who knows where it might lead you?

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About the Book:

This book was written to be inspirational; to inspire you to take the journey from your “normal” state of thoughts and worries and fears back to your “natural” state of peace and perfection. To help you remember how Adam felt on the morning of his creation before he had a chance to create any angers or regrets about the past, or any worries or fears about the future, but simply enjoyed the peace and perfection that can only be found in the present moment. Its intention is to have you think of things you may never have thought about, and it is meant to help you see more deeply into the miracle of yourself and of Life Itself. The thoughts within this book are meant to help shift your perceptions of yourself and the world. And to help you remember the things truly worth remembering; to move you from beliefs of life’s ordinariness and imperfection to the Truth of its Extraordinariness and Perfection.


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