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A musical artist & multi-faceted creative hailing from Greenwich, South London, Shojon’s abundance of drive, experience and talent have helped pave the way towards a colourful and illustrious career.

His humble beginnings from producing in his bedroom have now manifested into a fully-fledged career. Having cemented his name into the industry as an engineer, creative director & music executive.  Shojon is in the midst of replicating his previous achievements, this time as a front bend musician. Shojon has gained over 250,000 streams collectively on solo and collaborative works in 2020.

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Shojon’s solo single ‘Theorem’, has Indie Pop/Rock guitar chords with a beautiful R&B vocal performance, and is the 1st release from Shojon’s forthcoming EP, ‘Greenwich Views‘. The concept journeys a tale of mental health through the eyes of a Greenwich borough creative.

The music video to ‘Theorem’ produced by FEUD Creative (Liam Payne) and directed by Craig Heathcote (BBC). A creative art piece showing a new age Cupid with the ability to change people’s moods and emotions by balancing their auras displayed by FX elements put together by James Sims.

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The Start Of 2020 For Shojon

Like many others at the beginning of 2020, Shojon was left experiencing feelings of uncertainty, depression and high anxiety. After overcoming these, he set off on a mission a vision if you like to help others do the same. In order to provide aid and support for all those facing mental health difficulties in this time of change, Shojon commissioned a limited run of the ‘Shojon Bar’, a milk chocolate bar that helped to spread awareness and help fundraise for Mind Mental Health Charity raising over £1700(inc gift aid) with his campaign #chocolateforthemind  which saw features in the London Post, London Loves Business & Music News.


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