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  High Heels & Hormones: A Stylish Survival Guide  by Ana Wengo Dive into a world where hormones meet humour, wisdom, and a dash of sass. ‘High Heels & Hormones’ is your enlightening companion, akin to a heart-to-heart with a wise, witty friend who always knows just what to say, sparking laughter, insights, and nods […]

Dying To Know Is The New Single From Havlowa     Havlowa is on the playlist at UK Talk Radio From April 2024 Click Here For Artist Link Tree Havlowa makes great rock, indie, psychedelic, and shoegaze. Jacob produced and mixed and mastered each track for the band as well as  playing each instrument Click […]

Dean Cooper Ignites the Rock World: A New Era of Hard Rock Begins   Discover the electrifying emergence of Dean Cooper, a hard rock band that’s bringing the raw energy of the 80s back to the music scene. Led by Rein Kuijper, a young guitarist from the Netherlands with a deep passion for legends like […]

“Revolutionize Your Love Life with ‘But Dad, I LOVE HIM!’—As Featured on UK Talk Radio” Geoff Carter from the Flagship breakfast show at UK Talk Radio Reviews,  “But Dad, I LOVE HIM” by Kevin Boyle   Introduction to “But Dad, I LOVE HIM”   “But Dad, I LOVE HIM!” by Kevin Boyle emerges as a […]

At UK Talk Radio we like to bring new authors to your attention. We present;   Winter’s Muse: A Billionaire Romance    By Lia Fine    More About A Winter’s Muse Purchase On Amazon

Dorothy McCoy’s novel The Mysterious Secret Guardians in the London Underground At UK Talk Radio we focus on awesome writers. We focus on Dorothy McCoy   Dorothy McCoy’s novel The Mysterious Secret Guardians in the London Underground is about a secret group of guardians tasked with protecting the globe. The squad consists of two mortal […]

Unlocking the Vibrant World of Independent Artists in the UK Album Charts! Stay Informed with the Latest UK Album Chart Updates. See the charts below each week. Click the grey area next to the song and the YouTujve Video will drop down for you to play. It’s a great way to find new music. Click […]

How to be successful as a singer or in a band Get A Fan Page- Get Into The Uk Talk Radio Hot 100 Singles Charts Click Here Get Onto Uk Talk Radio & Get Into The Charts There’s A Problem: You’ve poured countless hours of your life into crafting your music – from composing […]

    The Three Tops Tips To Becoming A Radio Presenter 🔥🎧     🎶Your voice is like a guitar to a guitarist🎶 Exercising Your Vocal Cords Consistently The vocal cords are muscles located in the throat canal. Strengthening them requires regular voice exercises. The more you train your voice, the more powerful it will […]

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