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    Regrets are like birthdays—they keep coming, each one a new scar slowing you down and dragging you closer to your grave. Ariel Fall, a seasoned private investigator, knew this well. After the devastating loss of his wife and young daughter, Ariel attempts to forge ahead, leaving behind the painful memories that threatened to […]

Dorothy McCoy’s novel The Mysterious Secret Guardians in the London Underground At UK Talk Radio we focus on awesome writers. We focus on Dorothy McCoy   Dorothy McCoy’s novel The Mysterious Secret Guardians in the London Underground is about a secret group of guardians tasked with protecting the globe. The squad consists of two mortal […]

  The Arena Trilogy Series Unlock the hidden potential within yourself and unleash your personal and professional growth with The Arena Trilogy. Packed with the transformative power of Perceptional Messaging™, SHIP-building™, and Secret Similarities™, this captivating series is tailor-made to propel you toward success! With each book standing as a self-contained master class, you have the freedom to select the one […]

Unlocking the Vibrant World of Independent Artists in the UK Album Charts! Stay Informed with the Latest UK Album Chart Updates. See the charts below each week. Click the grey area next to the song and the YouTujve Video will drop down for you to play. It’s a great way to find new music. Click […]

How to be successful as a singer or in a band There’s A Problem: You’ve poured countless hours of your life into crafting your music – from composing lyrics to perfecting melodies and spending grueling hours in the recording studio. Your dream is to share your artistry with the world, and you’ve taken the brave […]

    The Three Tops Tips To Becoming A Radio Presenter 🔥🎧     🎶Your voice is like a guitar to a guitarist🎶 Exercising Your Vocal Cords Consistently The vocal cords are muscles located in the throat canal. Strengthening them requires regular voice exercises. The more you train your voice, the more powerful it will […]

It Happened ‘Out Of The Blue’! One minute the awesome single ‘Out of the blue’ by Barbara Craig is picked up by the Geoff Carter breakfast show. The next minute the awesome singer songwriter hailing from Dublin is climbing up the UK Talk Radio Hot 100 and over taking a lot of the competition.   […]

Ted Gainey with the new album Covers and Others     The Artist’s Profile A native of Canton,Ms, Gainey called Oxford,Ms and Nashville,Tn his home from 1993-2004. Gainey was a very active musician (a drummer by trade) during those years with bands like: scapegoat,wobitty, Enigma JazzProject, Kudzu Kings, Blue Mountain, Taylor Grocery Band, Cary Hudson, […]

. Secure and protect your online data and privacy     VPNArea On UK Talk Radio   VPNArea protects your Internet connection with unbreakable military-grade encryption VPN tunnel to ensure your data and browsing history remain private. Without VPN all your online data flows naked and vulnerable on the Internet. It takes a couple of […]

  John Goodwin, President Galaxy Press, Publisher of Writers of the Future, Talks To Geoff Carter At UK Talk Radio   Purchase On Amazon Click for Waterstones links This is an anthology of the winning stories. The Golden Brush Award winner for this volume lives in the UK: Dan Watson   Annual anthology The Writers of […]

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