Mase Sam Jackson   Mase Sam Jackson is making waves once again with his exotic and crazy drum beats in the recently released three albums. New York, September 06, 2021: Great news for Mase Sam Jackson fans. The popular New York-based music producer is pleased to announce the release of his three latest albums. Titled […]

You’ve spent hours writing your book, don’t let those hours become wasted because people didn’t hear about your work. This is the time to say, UK Talk Radio Promote My Book!   No Book Promotion = Equals No Readers!   THE AWESOME AUTHOR OF THE MONTH GOLD WORKS!   Let’s put your book in the […]

Embers Is The Beautiful New Album From Singer Songwriter Kate Monaghan!   This gorgeous album contents nine tracks. Two are singles currently in the UK Talk Radio top 20 chart. Fall & Wildfire. 15% Off The Album Embers off this nine track album. This offer won’t last for long! Album sample at…/radio-commercail… Own now […]

Don’t Miss The Meaning To This Beautiful Song Sky FP has a new song, unforgotten which is in Thai. See the English meaning to this song on Sky’s YouTube channel. Click Here For This Song

This is rock and blues at their best This is Sunny Bleau as featured in the UK Talk Radio Music Charts Sunny Bleau are currently number ten with He’s my peach And a new entry this week with Holy Water and Hell Fire Pre order right now and get exclusive access to Sunny Bleau First! […]

The New Single From Elarian Is The Dawn   Click Here For Apple Link   We chatted to Elarian. We asked the artist what is the first song you ever purchased? “I think one of the first songs I really enjoyed when it came out was “Hungry Like The Wolf” by Duran Duran.” If you […]

Join Lautaro Vacas, a pilot who ends up in a mysterious new world after being sucked in by The Bermuda Triangle while flying on his plane. There, he encounters a train conductor named, Emerson, who takes him on her life dealings.    

The Awesome Allen B At UK Talk & Music Radio we asked Allen B when did you first become interested in music? Being from New Orleans I always had the cultural influence around me. I first started off more in the performing arts field and made my self-known as performing arts dancer. I created and […]

We Are Excited! At UK Talk & Music Radio we have been championing new music since we first started broadcasting 8 years ago. Now because our listeners want to hear more new music we are launching the UK Talk Radio Chart.   Vote In The New Music Chart On our front page you will see […]

 The Events Of 2020 That Inspired Catlea   Awesome #Indie Artist gives the world a positive message to put 2020 in the rear view! Catlea’s new release comes alive with the catchy chorus “Let’s celebrate one love, one world, one you, one me.”   UK Talk Radio’s Breakfast presenter Geoff Carter said “I’ve loved 2020 […]

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