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Written by on 3rd November 2021

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The Single Amnesia by Goth Daddy


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Driving with conceptual poignancy and the heavy fuzz of distorted synths and hypnotic rhythms united – electronic rock’s Goth Daddy brings an edge of the deeply personal to contemporary sound-design.

Eerily blending the Goth and Vampire qualities of timeless alternative production, singles like ‘Amnesia’ promise distinct vocals of short, alluring lines– the sort that pierce through the weight of the soundscape with a clear sense of humanity and longing.

Aptly crafted for the insomniacs, the late-night contemplations that keep the mind wandering, Goth Daddy’s music brings heavy-metal tendencies together with the delicacy and escapism of electronica.

The single ‘Death Without A Funeral’ makes for a fine introduction to the creative sound-play and experimental approach of the artist – a provocative, intriguing track, within which the Goth Daddy voice is unmistakable; a bold degree of identity stands tall in everything from lyric, to tone and arrangement.

Stylishly combining the power of instrumental manipulation with the softness of thoughtful writing and raspy, tired yet expressive vocal outpourings, Goth Daddy’s music proves euphoric and compelling.

From unpredictable structures to fragments of angst and mysterious production details, by way of equal parts spoken word and melody, Goth Daddy’s sound is consistently recognisable, yet always refreshing in subject and style. The music embraces its audience; the voice connects and screams out on behalf of uncertainty, anger, longing and isolation.

The long-time guitarist come songwriter and producer Goth Daddy injects a welcomed level of purpose and character into the modern scene. With dark wave elements and often theatrical performances, intertwined amidst hip hop and alt-pop instances alike, the sound rings out as free from the confines of genre and industry expectation.

An artist paving his own way, fusing work ethic with a defiant passion for the process – delivering music that fearlessly holds true to this intention.

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