🌟 Is Democracy Overrated? Asks Jeb Smith Jeb Smith is the author of four books to date, the most recent being Missing Monarchy: Correcting Misconceptions About The Middle Ages, Medieval Kingship, Democracy, And Liberty. Before that, he wrote and published Middle-earth Lore: Tolkien’s Legends Revealed and another book on J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, and also authored […]

“Revolutionize Your Love Life with ‘But Dad, I LOVE HIM!’—As Featured on UK Talk Radio” Geoff Carter from the Flagship breakfast show at UK Talk Radio Reviews,  “But Dad, I LOVE HIM” by Kevin Boyle   Introduction to “But Dad, I LOVE HIM”   “But Dad, I LOVE HIM!” by Kevin Boyle emerges as a […]

  The Arena Trilogy Series Unlock the hidden potential within yourself and unleash your personal and professional growth with The Arena Trilogy. Packed with the transformative power of Perceptional Messaging™, SHIP-building™, and Secret Similarities™, this captivating series is tailor-made to propel you toward success! With each book standing as a self-contained master class, you have the freedom to select the one […]

The UK Talk Radio Top Featured Author Is Robert W Kirby Click Here To Purchase On Amazon   At the start of the summer of ‘88, Alex Clayton was desperate to find his place in the world. Constantly bullied and reeling from the recent loss of his mum, he sought friendship from local girl Sheryl […]

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