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Written by on 4th March 2022

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KUILL, a British songwriter and artist, combines electro-soul and alternative influences to create ‘elusive pop’. Not bound by genre, his focus on melodic and lyrical storytelling enables a sui generis, regenerative sound.

From humble origins in Yorkshire, Kuill Cameron has spent years away from social media and releasing music in order to develop his artistry. He did still write music, a lot of it, but through an exclusive fan platform called Patreon. Over the last 2 years this is where KUILL has been quietly putting together records that best represent his inner thoughts and feelings, intimate storytelling through music.

Prior to slipping into the void, KUILL accomplished moments of success and some of the greatest highs a performer could hope to achieve. But manifestations of self doubt, after struggling to come to terms with polarising experiences of the last seven years, proved it to be a double edged sword. Notoriety, perceived success and expectations bring continuous challenges even for musicians experiencing moments of progress. Ultimately it paved the way for regeneration, and the rebuilding of a self confidence required to emerge from the rabbit hole. From this KUILL was born.

At 28, long-standing musician KUILL starts his journey all over again. Preparing to release his debut album ‘Changing Faces’ in late 2022. Explore the music, the stories & artistry by following KUILL on his only social media account, Instagram.

Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad!

KUILL is an artist with a sound that feels classic yet innovative at the same time. There is something quite special about how he blends some of the most remarkable elements of rock with the melodic freshness of pop, and anything can happen with such a vast creative horizon! His most recent studio release, “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad,” is actually a rendition of a song by the artist Meatloaf. The legendary rocker sadly passed away earlier this year, so this track is a perfect homage to him.

The song is dynamic yet diverse, making for an epic rendition of an all time classic.

Find out more about KUILL, and listen to “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad”. This song is going to be available on 18th March 2022.

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